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How to prepare for the examination? It is recommended to consult a urologist prior to a prostate MRI scan. It is recommended to arrive with a half-full bladder for the examination. Native scan does not require special preparation. However, it is important to know that due to the strong magnetic field, it is forbidden to bring any metal, device or object containing metal into the examination room!

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This also applies to implants in the body, as well as to jewellery and piercings. Medical referral is always required for examination with contrast agent. Do not eat for 6 hours before the examination. The condition for the administration of the contrast agent is the appropriate kidney function value creatinine and urea.

This requires a recent laboratory finding, but it is also possible to perform a rapid creatinine test or eGFR measurement on site, which is done from a fingertip and a punctured blood sample, with the help of an MRI operator.

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How is the examination performed? Prostate MRI is performed in a supine position.

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The operator will place the required coils and then the examination bed will lift you into the magnetic tube. It is important that you remain still during certain parts of the scan, you can only change your position with the permission of the operator.

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During the examination, you can communicate with our colleague continuously via the built-in microphone and speaker, or you can interrupt it by pressing the panic button. The MRI device is noisy, a knocking, clicking machine noise can be heard during the examination, the intensity of which can be reduced by using earplugs.

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The test lasts for 50 minutes. Prostate MRI examination is performed by a multiparametric method, the images are taken from 3 directions, and in case of scan with contrast agent, images are taken healthy prostate function seconds after the administration of the contrast agent, thus the dynamics of the ahonnan a prostatitis of different tissues can be observed.

When healthy prostate function the examination not be performed?

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The examination cannot be performed if you do not have an MRI compatible metal, implant, prosthesis pacemakerorthopaedic metal screw, plate, nail, wireimplanted joint prosthesis, prosthetic limb, implanted defibrillator, neurostimulator, implanted drug dispenser, vascular implants e.

Therefore, in case of an implant, implanted metal, prosthesis, please bring a written certificate of its compatibility with MRI examination certified by the implanting specialist, institution for the examination itself, which clearly states: the suitability to enter the MRI examination room, to perform the MRI examination and marking the maximum magnetic field strength 1.

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Inform the person performing the examination about the implant beforehand. In case of an examination with contrast agent, the scan is not performed with poor kidney function.

The examination cannot be performed in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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The scan cannot be performed if the subject weighs more than kilograms, but it also depends on the circumference of the abdomen What to expect after the examination? Prostate MRI examination has no side effects. The contrast agent used for MRI examinations is gadolinium-based.

Prostate MRI examination

In rare cases, hypersensitivity might happen, which may occur in the form of an allergic reaction within 20 minutes after the administration of the contrast agent. When is the result expected? The completed recording will be reviewed by the radiologist and the result will be available in our online system after 3 working days. In all cases, consult the urologist who ordered the examination to make a diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment.