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Thus, people who develop this art enchant and surprise her lovers.

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Many doctors, like Dr. Kegel, confirmed the increase of libido and orgasmic potential of women who practice pompoir. Combined with psychotherapy, Prostate sex life exercises can help in the treatment of vaginismus, which is a sexual disorder that keeps very constricted vagina during penetration.

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The pompoir also strengthens the male pelvic muscles, prolonging the sexual life of man until older ages. Pompoir exercises are pleasurable for the woman and activate the sensitivity of several important erogenous spots such as the G-spot and the clitoris.

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He improved his knowledge in France and Germany. Carlos is panelist and collaborates with content for newspapers, magazines and TV. Dedicated to research and study about human sexuality, he teaches new techniques that benefit health and sexual pleasure for men and women.

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Our dear and sympathetic master gift us with a true treasure of knowledge to turn you, reader, despite your physical type or age, into a true "sexy Goddess" to surprise your loved one and boost passion and love in your relationship.