Prostate lycopene tomato

prostate lycopene tomato

Food Res. New evidence is emerging toward metabolic pathways mediating the anti-cancer activities of lycopene. Several of these apo-lycopenoids have already been identified but up to date no direct prostate lycopene tomato between lycopene metabolism and apo-lycopenoids mediated receptor activation pathways has been established.

Various studies have shown an association between lower concentration of insulin-like growth factor-1 upon lycopene treatment, cancer incidences, and retinoid-mediated signaling. The aim is to discuss a potential mechanism to explain lycopene related anti-cancer activities by modulation of insulinlike growth factor-1 concentratio; ns via lycopene metabolite activation of retinoid-mediated signaling.

Dietary Correspondence: Dr. KGaA, Weinheim carotenoids are thought to play crucial roles in many biological events that may contribute to protect against various chronic diseases including cancer [2, 3]. Among the several carotenoids, lycopene found in tomatoes has been associated with reduced prevalence of certain types prostate lycopene tomato cancer [4]. However, the mechanisms of action have not been clearly established.

Prostate lycopene tomato. What is Lycopene?

In particular the link between tomato intake, local lycopene concentrations, and further lycopene metabolism to bioactive lycopene metabolites that can initiate nuclear receptor activation leading to anti-cancer activity has not been thoroughly described.

Aydemir et al. Tomatoes and its products have driven a strong research agenda for several years because they are a popular component of global and mainly Western diets and also due to their well-established nutritional properties and biological activity. In this section, we review relevant issues to explain the anti-cancer activity of tomatoes. Among all of them, lycopene has been shown to be the most important one [5].

Lycopene is a highly lipophilic carotenoid that gives the red color to tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables [5] such as watermelons, pink-grapefruits, and papaya [6]. KGaA, Weinheim concentrations in processed tomato products such as tomato paste [7]. Tomatoes are among the several dietary components with biological potential for anti-carcinogenic activities.

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Several lines of research including cell [11], animal [3], as well as experimental [12, 13] and observational studies in humans [14] have suggested that tomatoes play a role hogyan távolítsuk el a fájdalmat a prosztatából cancer prevention, in particular prostate cancer.

However, recent metaanalysis have challenged these arguments [15] and have further concluded that there is not enough evidence on the effectiveness of lycopene supplementation for the treatment of prostate cancer [16].

Főoldal » Betegségek » Rák » A paradicsom rákellenes hatása nem bizonyítható Az FDA nem zárja ki annak lehetőségét, hogy a paradicsomnak van rákellenes hatása, de a bizonyítékokat nem tartja eléggé meggyőzőnek. Másfél évvel az után, hogy az Egyesült Államok Élelmiszer- és Gyógyszerügyi Hivatala nem hagyta jóvá az élelmiszeripari cégek kérését, mi szerint szabadon hirdethessék, hogy a nyers és a feldolgozott paradicsom, illetve az abban található likopin hatásos a rák ellen, a Hivatal közzétette álláspontját. Az FDA vizsgálatot vetett alá igen alapos elemzésnek, és megállapította, hogy nincs tudományos bizonyíték a likopin rákellenes hatására, és csak némi előnyös hatást észleltek a paradicsom esetében.

The reasons for this controversy have been currently reviewed [17]. Discrepancies in the milyen gyertyák jobbak a prosztatitis kezelésekor about the role of tomatoes in prostate cancer prevention and treatment are related to several factors including the current use of more accurate tests for diagnose of prostate cancer www.

Even though controversy exists, there is still a large body of research to support the biological actions of tomato products in cancer, thus it may be wiser to rethink the role of tomato products milyen antibiotikumokat írnak elő a prosztatitisre the context of overall diet.

Adherence Dynamics for Whole Food Interventions in African-American Men Ételek és kiegészítők a prosztatarák kockázatának csökkentésére Főtt paradicsom Egy ban publikált tanulmányban a kaliforniai Loma Linda Egyetem és a Norvég Arktikai Egyetem kutatói 27, 2 prevalens rák nélküli adventista férfi adatai alapján értékelték a kapcsolatot a paradicsom és a likopin bevitele és a prosztatarák kockázata között. Egy átlagos éves követés során prosztatarákos esetet azonosítottak XNUMX agresszív prostate lycopene tomato. A tanulmány megállapította, hogy a konzerv és főtt paradicsom bevitele csökkentheti a prosztatarák kockázatát. Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Recipe—Lycopene to Prevent Prostate Cancer A kínai Wuhani Egyetem Zhongnan Kórházának kutatói 26 tanulmány adatai alapján értékelték a likopinfogyasztás és a prosztatarák kockázata közötti összefüggést, 17,résztvevő 10 prosztatarákos esetével, amelyeket a Pubmed, Sciencedirect Online, Wiley online könyvtár szakirodalmi keresése során nyertek.

For instance lycopene is the predominant carotenoid in tomatoes, but alone tomatoes contain various carotenoids that may also contribute to the reduced risk of cancer [18—20]. This may indicate a more complex mechanism of tomato carotenoids on molecular level and a potential additionally contribution of various other tomato carotenoids and their bioactive metabolites as well as the involvement of unknown pathways.

Thus it is still essential to disentangle and elucidate further mechanisms to understand the contribution of tomato-derived bioactive compounds in prostate lycopene tomato prevention.

Yet the relevance of these anti-oxidant effects is highly controversial and often discussed due to the high nonendogenously and nonnutritionally relevant concentrations of lycopene or lycopene metabolites needed to elicit these effects [21]. In general, anti-oxidants are involved in prevention of cellular damage induced by free radicals. Free radicals can cause oxidative damage to cellular proteins, lipids and DNA resulting in carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, and cell death and are involved in the pathogenesis of numerous chronic diseases.

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Lycopene is thought to function as anti-oxidant because it possesses the ability to quench reactive oxygen species [22]. A further anticarcinogenic property of lycopene is based on the modulation of intercellular communication via gap junction mechanisms [23].

A possible explanation for these is the fact that lycopene is able to enhance the gap junctional communication by upregulating the connexin 43 Cx 43 gene [24], however, the exact mechanisms are still unknown. Tomato ingestion has been linked to insulin-like growth factor IGF -1 secretion and this IGF-1 signaling has been shown also to be prostatitis after catheterization in carcinogenesis [25—27].

Increased IGF levels were previously associated with incidence of cancer [28] and inhibitory effect of lycopene on IGFsignaling in cancer cells has been reported. In vitro studies revealed that lycopene decreases the cellular proliferation of various cancer cell lines induced by IGF-1 [29].

IGF-1 plasma levels were elevated in colorectal, lung, prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers [30—33]. It has also been shown that lycopene inhibits the cell-cycle progression in G0 —G1 phase [35]. This is another possible explanation for the role of lycopene as an anti-carcinogenic agent that might be related to retinoic acid receptors RAR mediated pathways [23, 37—39].

Furthermore, animal studies have shown that vitamin A deficiency is correlated with increased tumor formation [40, 41]. Since the retinoids, in particular retinoic acid, play essential roles in critical processes like differentiation, proliferation, apoptosis, and cellcycle control various promising results have been obtained in the approach of retinoids and cancer prevention [42].

This may also have implications for lycopene metabolites with activities or 3D structures similar to retinoic prostate lycopene tomato as lycopene has also been found to be a cancer preventive agent [43].

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This is a strong indicator that lycopene induces RAR—RXR-mediated signaling pathways either directly or indirectly via lycopene-derived metabolites. On the other hand, the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors seem to obtain a much broader ligand-binding capacity [45]. These cyclo-lycopenediols are the result of the rearrangement of lycopene due to food processing, exposure to heat or metabolism to lycopene www.

Due to enzyme activity or the acidic environment in the stomach these derivatives are hydrolyzed resulting in five-member ring endgroup metabolites. Neither the lycopene epoxides nor their cyclization-epoxide forms are found in human serum and milk, only their hydrolyzed forms Fig. Additionally, various isomers of all-trans-lycopene were identified in the mammalian organism and partially also in the food matrix [49, 50].

Most of the lycopene in fresh tomatoes is found in all-trans form but during food processing, heating, and absorption cis-isomers are formed [51].

Prostate lycopene tomato

KGaA, Weinheim isomer of lycopene is the most frequent form, but also various other isomers such as 9-cis- cis- and cis-lycopene have also been identified. Lycopene isomers show higher bioavailability, which is due to optimal targeted or nontargeted transfer mechanisms [52]. In vivo studies investigating the lymphatic transport of lycopene prostate lycopene tomato ferrets showed that various cis-isomers are more bio-available than their all-transisomers.

Boileau et al. Furthermore, cis- forms are more likely to be stored as studies in animals have shown that in prostate and testis the mainly accumulated geometrical isomer of lycopene are cis-forms [53, 54].

According to studies by Sicilia et al. In addition to isomerization, hydrogenation, and oxidation products Fig. Due to the lack of standard compounds and because of instability of these derivatives no prostate lycopene tomato determination of the exact chemical structure could be performed with NMR and MS approaches.

Up until now no prostate lycopene tomato bioactive and nuclear receptor activating apo-lycopenoic acids have been found neither in food matrix nor in the mammalian organism.

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So far, there is no evidence that lycopene treatment can activate RAR-mediated pathways. Using a mouse transgenic reporter model, we found that lycopene has the potential to activate RARE pathways [39].

However, we still do not know if it is the direct or indirect impact of lycopene on RAR-mediated signaling and which kind of bioactive lycopene metabolites are involved into this process Fig.

KGaA, Weinheim www. The ovals in dashed lines indicate the hydrogenation of double bounds.

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The compounds synthesized by the Japanese group are known as geranylgeranoic acid GGA derivatives and are under development for therapeutic usage in cancer treatment [64, 65]. So far, prostate lycopene tomato clear connection between BCO-1 and lycopene metabolism in mammals has been determined.

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Besides a potential central cleavage of lycopene via BCO-1, further full chain lycopene metabolites like lycopene-isomers, lycopene-oxidation metabolites, or lycopene-hydrogenation metabolites or a combination of isomerization, oxidation, and hydrogenation Fig.

Unfortunately, none of these previously mentioned compounds [63] are commercially available and HPLC-tracing as well as molecular biological studies of them cannot be easily conducted.

KGaA, Weinheim Figure 5. Figure 6. The circles in dashed lines indicate the hydrogenation of double bounds. The exact chemical characterization is quite difficult because of low concentrations and high instability of these derivatives.

Current research is still ongoing in our laboratories to fully chemical prostate lycopene tomato these derivatives as well as their biological relevance for mammals with respect to nutrition and nutrition-induced signaling.

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In summary, based on our new analytical data and knowledge from UV detection that no fully conjugated double bound system five double bounds plus conjugated COOH-function is present due to the absence of UV absorbance signal at ca. Several steps of this cascade are still inconclusive and guarantee further investigation, in particular to establish its relevance to human health.

These investigations are highly important to determine if and to which extend tomatoes and its products may be health protective foods. Fully elucidating the biological mechanisms can further support their well-established anti-cancer properties but also these mechanisms may have additional implications for other chronic conditions related to inflammation e.

The authors have declared no conflict of interest.

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