Prostate cancer blood test numbers

prostate cancer blood test numbers

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Tweet Does consumption of fish or fish oil supplements like enduromega increase prostate cancer risk? Absolutely not, though the mainstream media would have us believe otherwise, with the blitz of alarming headlines and news stories regarding study results published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute July issue [1].

We remain convinced that consuming omega-3 fatty acids benefits overall health, including prostate health, and an overwhelming body of research over the years confirms it. It is not possible to link blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids and prostate cancer if there is no data to confirm how much fish or fish oil supplements, if any, were consumed.

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This particular test only indicates what a person ate over the course of a few hours; it has no bearing on medium-to-long-term consumption and certainly not over a six-year period as was the case with this study. Because blood levels of fatty acids rapidly change with short-term dietary alterations, it's misleading to flat-out wrong to link plasma omega-3 levels from a single blood test with an increased risk of prostate cancer. The men who had omega-3 blood levels of 4.

Principal inclusion criteria For Cohort 1, Cohort 2, and Cohort 3: Subjects in all Cohorts must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the study: 1. Adequate hematological, hepatic, and renal organ function as per protocol definition and within 28 days prior to the first dose of study treatment a. Hematologic: i.

Peter Bongiorno states, "The authors made a terrific leap by suggesting that this infinitesimally small number was enough to somehow promote cancer.

The article also gave no information about how the fish oils could have possibly caused the cancer.

How these vitally important factors could be overlooked or disregarded is astonishing. One study that prostate cancer blood test numbers nearly 50, men showed that increased levels of EPA and DHA - the two fatty acids found primarily in fish and fish oil supplements - was correlated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer [3].

Int J Mol Sci. Published online Jan 8. Copyright © by the authors.

A study from Harvard that included more thanmen concluded that a significantly lower rate of fatal prostate cancer was associated with increased omega-3 fatty acid intake [4]. Summary After evaluating this particular study and how the results were obtained, it is simply not rational to implicate omega-3's as being a cause for prostate cancer, especially given the abundance of existing and undeniably more credible research showing that omega-3's positively influence prostate health.

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We adamantly don't believe the misleading and inaccurate media hype and neither should you. The bottom line is that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids from fish or fish oil supplements EndurOmega benefit numerous areas of overall health, including prostate health. Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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Jul 10 Dietary intake of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids and the risk of prostate cancer. The American journal of clinical nutrition.

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